Happy new year!

If this year’s been wonderful
I hope that carries on
But if ‘22’s been pants for you
Thank goodness that it’s gone

I’d like to say a ‘thank you’
You’ve kept me company all year
And all your lovely comments
Have given me such cheer

I want to make a toast to you
To stand and raise my glass
But I’ve started on the booze now
And I can’t get off my arse

So I’ll quickly say whilst seated
I hope ‘23’s your best
And I hope we all keep smiling
If life puts us to the test

Have a happy, healthy new year and look forward to sharing more of my mishaps with you in 2023!

Bring on Bedtime (but only after a few more 🥂🥂)

8 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Thank you for your hilarious posts,
    they are so funny and make me smile,
    keep them up for more than a while,
    and I wish you, and your family, a fantastic 2023

    Last bit doesn’t rhyme, but is meant from the heart from my family to your family ❤️ xx

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  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I should reply in rhyme but that’s a bit beyond my ability after new year’s eve so a happy new year to you in blank verse (it’s not but you know what I mean!)

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