Poetry for beginners

I thought some might like to read the poem I wrote for my youngest yesterday, on the eve of her big day at secondary. I’ve put asterisks instead of the school name but it does rhyme with ‘say’ 😂

I am most certainly no poet, and know nothing about the proper way to write one, but it’s from the heart.

And for those of you who may find it too saccharine, just know that life continues as normal here with me trying to lock my front door by pointing my car key at it. Here goes:

To our daughter

Tomorrow is a first for you
Day one at ***
Before you walk out of the door
We’ve got some things to say

You need to know we love you
And are proud no matter what
We saw you win at primary school
And watched you learn a lot

You worked, you played, you laughed and cried
You joined in all the fun
You made mistakes, and learned from them
You showed us how it’s done

From author days to O2 choirs
You really tried your best
You smashed it when you learned from home
And made deputy head girl, no less!

And now you’re on the cusp
Of your career at secondary school
And though you might be worried
There is really just one rule

Just be yourself, and all the rest
Will fall right into place
You’re bright and kind, and work so hard
You’re loved by all your mates

And if you carry on like this
With a smile upon your face
And hold your head up high my love
You’ve already won the race

So take a big deep breath right now
And go out there with pride
And know that in our thoughts at least
We’ll be there by your side

All our love,
Mum and Dad

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