Going for Bronze

My teenager is embarking on her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. She has to learn a skill, and she has chosen to learn Korean, since she’s been trying to teach herself the language lately anyway. Does this stem from a burning desire to travel the world and understand other cultures, I hear you ask? Or from a wish to challenge herself in the strongest way possible?

Well, it stems from a desire to one day meet and hopefully snog the Korean singer she fancies, which is as good a reason as any in my book. I’m not sure it’s quite what the Duke of Edinburgh had in mind when setting up this scheme but you never know, he may have approved.

She also has to do volunteer work. I had to smile at that, because the closest she’s come to volunteering so far is angrily muttering ‘why do I have to do EVERYTHING?’ under her breath when asked to come and collect her own towel from the bathroom floor and hang it back on the hook. Still, she’s off to a flying start helping a young girl with her reading, and according to the child’s mother she has shown amazing organisational skills, and a wonderful level of patience and concern. The fact that she came home afterwards and kicked her sister in the bum because she was ‘breathing too loudly’ is neither here nor there.

The third part of the scheme is physical activity and she has opted to go running with a friend. She’s done pretty well so far. They ran for 30 minutes and at the end of it, her friend was cool and calm and had successfully managed to remain a normal colour. Unlike my daughter who, after 15 seconds of gentle warm up, had turned a vibrant shade of lobster. Which is my fault because she inherited that from me. I can’t help but feel a bit impressed with myself that I managed to annoy her from several miles away without even the use of a phone to help.

The final thing they have to do is an overnight camping expedition, learning how to set up a tent, use a compass, fend for themselves etc. I had lots of questions about the trip after my daughter attended the meeting about it. When was it? Where would they be walking? Would they have to provide the tent? How much will it cost?

She couldn’t tell me anything about any of that. I asked her if she remembered ANYTHING important from the meeting and her eyes widened excitedly as she recalled something vital to her, which turned out to be ‘we get to bring super noodles’.

In other news, my youngest is counting down the days until the end of primary school. The government has cancelled the SATS, the exams they take in year 6, so she has had her work cut out to find something else to moan about. She’ll do it though, I have every faith in her.

But she won’t be moaning for long because from Monday she can hug her friends again! And people can go to each other’s houses again! Which means I might have to start cleaning properly again! Damn. Someone pass me the hoover. Or the wine, whichever’s closest.

Bring on Bedtime!

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